Common Types of Curbing

curbingConcrete curbing and/or asphalt extruded curb: The free Standing continuous curb is the most common type of curb found in parking lots. Extruded curbing is placed on concrete or asphalt. It has very little structural value and is engineered to hold in and delineate landscaping. This process is simple and efficient self-propelled machines operate on the extrusion principle and provide the most economical means available of constructing small to mid-sized continuous curb from either concrete or asphalt. This quick and efficient process drastically reduces the high labor costs associated with hand formed and poured curb. If you have existing curb that is damaged, we can remove and replace it with new concrete and/or asphalt curbing.

Cast-in-Place and/or Curb and Gutter: These are both formed and poured in most cases and sit below the surface approx. 18” deep. These have a much better structural feature because of the large mass under the ground. These curbs can also have rebar placed when they are poured to help make them structurally durable.

Wheel Stops and/or Parking Bumpers: These are generally 6’ long by approx. 6” tall pre-casted curbs with 2 pieces of rebar placed in them for structural integrity. They are both secured into the asphalt or concrete with rebar pins. They are commonly used in parking stalls to prevent vehicles from building structures and other objects.